Domingos con Papá

Sundays are made to sleep in, self-care, recharge and reset. I’m somewhat of a morning person (I think) waking up early during the week; rushing, working, doing, studying… sometimes with no time to slow down and once Sunday morning comes in, is like a little mini party. I love not hearing my alarm clock, feeling … More Domingos con Papá

People are timeless – Meeting someone at the wrong time

– For the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts; this is not for you. Is timing really everything? I mean seriously. One of life’s biggest mysteries is meeting the right person at the wrong time. This concept is a topic of big debate in my life because I swear I meet people and suddenly, … More People are timeless – Meeting someone at the wrong time

Tschüss, 2016

Word to Kylie Jenner, 2016 def had a new energy. Without a doubt, 2016 was really about “like the year of just realizing stuff and everyone around me we’re all just like realizing things” Well, I couldn’t agree more! I realized I have terrible, awful luck (yes y’all I said it) I also realized there’s … More Tschüss, 2016

change of heart

“If you could wave a magic wand and be exactly where you want to be right now, where would you be?” E.B. The last couple of months have been very intense. For some reason, I was very demotivated and stopped writing my blog. I KNOW I KNOW, but I can explain WHY. Ok, not really. … More change of heart

Cheerio London!

H E L L O it’s me (: I’ve been a little MIA since January simply because I was CRAZYYY busy with planning trips, both London and Rome, hanging out and also had friends visiting ❤ Grecia from Perú and Ale from Puerto Rico. They both stayed with me and I was extremely happy I … More Cheerio London!


Growing up, celebrating the New Year was a big event in my family. My mom was the most excited out of all of us because we had these “traditions” we followed every 31st of December. She made sure we “ate” (swallowed really) 12 grapes before midnight and made a wish for each one. She would … More Silvester


With Christmas just around the corner, I have been incredibly busy this entire month, which explains why I am now just posting (woopsysss) ‘Tis the season for Weihnachstmarkt! Street markets located all around the city, filled with food, art, Glühwein and so much more! I fell in love with the uniqueness or every single one … More Weihnachtsmärkte